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My experience educating many people, young and old, in the arena of health and fitness...atop many years of construction...have led me down avenues of a great many professional, as well as personal, interests...and throughout my journey in this life, I find that the exploration of movement, breath, nature and the numerous cultures of human beings, is bringing me closer to understanding the eternal truth that exists only within the present moment...creating my single, solitary goal to live, learn, teach and create from a place of true presence...





To put it simply I am an Artist. As an Artist I am a sensual and spiritual entertainer, educator, muse and guide. I am also a life long student. I have always been curious...driven by the desire to peak into places others would rather not see, to look beyond what was presented to me. 


With every move I make and breath I take I work to open my eyes, heart and mind a little further. To see things I've never seen or couldn't have imagined. To feel things in new ways and to be available for ever evolving perceptions.


 What I've come to realize is how little I truly know compared to how much there is to know in life. It is this simple truth that drives me to explore and to share the highs and lows, the experience and awakenings I'm lucky enough to unearth, stumble through, to be exhilarated or humbled by along the way.

When it comes to adventure, knowledge, experience,  growth, sharing and the opportunity to be of service to the things we care about, just give us an offer we can't refuse and we are likely to take you up on it. We invite you to join us on our journey as we say yes to a life that takes us On To The Next Grand Adventure...whatever that may be.



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